13rd May-          School opes-          Students- Administration  
4rd May-          Opening exams (exam 2)-          Teachers- D.O.S   
5th – 7th May-          County term 2A (Games)-          Workers- Games teachers  
  -          Coaches   
211th  - 15th MayProvincial term 2A Games-          Students- Administration  
12th MayRelease of Exam 1-          Coaches- Games Master  
13th MayF2 & 3 Academic day-          StudentsAdministration-   
  -          Parents- D.O.S   
3 Thanks giving day -          Students- Administration  
Chepalungu Volleyball-          Parents- D.O.S   
tournament-          Teachers- Games Master  
       -    Coaches   
4 Release of exam 2-          Students- Administration  
Sub – zonal term 2B Games-          Teachers- D.O.S   
  - Games Master  
5 Zonal term 2B Games-          Students-Administration  
Start of Exam 3-          Coaches-Games Master  
Half term-          Students   
 -          Students   
 -          Teachers   
6 District term 2B games-          Students-Administration  
-          Coaches-Games Master  
7 County term 2BGames-          Students-Administration  
-          Coaches-Games Master  
8 F4 Prayer Day-F 4 Students- Administration  
- Parents- D.O.S   
9 Start of F4 Mock Exams-F 4 Students- Administration  
Release of Exam 3- F 4Subject teachers- D.O.S   
10 Provincial term 2B Games-          Students-Administration  
-          Coaches-Games Master  
11 End term Exams- Students- Administration  
(Exam 1)F1 – 3-Teachers- D.O.S   
12 Closing Day-Students- Administration  
-Teachers- D.O.S   


 List of clubs and societies


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MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL This message will convey our conception and interpretation of our surrounding environment. We welcome you to think with us …

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